Energypac Green Division is a sustainable energy consultancy that offers innovative and unique green solutions to serve the nation’s energy needs.

Solar Solutions

We see renewable energy as a primary Source of Energy and not as alternative source. With ten years of experience in solar solutions and equipped with a team of experts in the field of renewable energy we have successfully completed many government and not-government projects.

We Provide

  • SOLAR GRID TIE Solution:

    The solar power through Inverter is hooked directly with the utility grid without any battery backup.

  • SOLAR OFF GRID Solution:

    The solar energy produced is stored in batteries for the backup and off-grid support.

  • Grid Tie with Backup Solution:

    The solar power through Inverter is hooked directly with the utility grid without any battery backup.

  • Solar Pump Solution:

    This type of solution provides agricultural based pumping system as well as solutions for drinking water or other usage of pump.

  • Solar Mini Grid/ Nano Grid Solution:

    It provides centralized electricity generation at local level using the of-grid distribution network. This solution is ideal for rural use in community based electrification.

  • Solar Thermal Solution:

    By means of solar water heating, this solution is one of the most effective way of cutting down electricity, gas, fuel cost for individual, commercial or industrial users.

  • Solar Street Light Solution:

    This solar lighting solution for streets and advertising billboards.

Energy Efficiency

Energypac Electronics Ltd., from its inception has always attempted to bring eco-friendly high-quality products for the nation. Our energy efficiency includes:

  • Green Lighting Solution:

    This service offers customers with the advice and recommendation of using efficient lighting around their surroundings.

  • Green Cooling Solution:

    This service offers customers with energy saving solutions for air conditioning units and chillers.

  • Green Drive Solution:

    This service offers customers with efficient drive usage like energy efficient ceiling fan, energy savers for motors and machineries etc.

  • Green Automation Solution:

    This service offers customers especially industrial clients efficient automation systems in order to be more cost effective in an eco-friendly. We specialize in sensor based lighting with future plans on extending our automation product range.

  • Green Renewable Energy Solution:

    This service offers customers the information needed to make intelligent decisions regarding the use of renewable energy sources.

  • Green Management Solution:

    This service is offered mainly to the corporate clients in order to manage their office environment in a sustainable manner.

  • Solution Coverage:
    • Corporate Office
    • Banks
    • Retails Stores & Showrooms
    • RMG & Other Small to Medium Size Factories
    • Hotels & Resorts
    • Hospitals & Clinics
    • Schools, Universities & Other Academic Institutions
    • Residence

Solar Rooftop

Remi Holdings
Project type : Solar Grid Tie
Installed capacity : 125KWp
Project Location : Narayanganj EPZ
Installation area : Roof top
A project by Bitopi Group

UNHCR Project Type: Solar Mini Grid Solution
Capacity: 86 KWp
Location: Kutupalong & Noyapara Rohinga Camp, Teknaf
A project by UNHCR

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Solar Irrigation

Solar drinking water distribution system with rain water harvesting at dug well by using solar panel structure.
An innovative idea of Bangladesh Government and a project by BMDA.