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Energypac Electronics Limited was established in 2005, a concern of the Energypac family, aiming to provide complete electronic solution. It holds one of the most modern and pioneering electronics industry in Bangladesh. It includes sophisticated manufacturing equipments along with the research and development facilities to ensure the quality of the products in every stage of manufacturing, trading with some world renowned Electronic brands like Legrand (Wiring accessories & protection device) Chint (protection device), Lighting Solutions, Water Pump etc.

This company has created revaluation in the power sector of Bangladesh by introducing Compact Fluorescent Lamp generally known as Energy Saving Lamp (ESL) which save 80% energy and thus conserve energy for other purposes than illuminating. Energypac ESL was rigorously tested in the laboratory of BUET and has been certified as a true lamp for saving energy in required illumination.

The organization have devoted in research, development and production of highly efficient, environment-friendly products for the customers. These products not only meet internationally certified standards but also save energy in order to benefit the world. For the past years, Energypac continuously presented energy-efficient products to our clients. We believe, these continuous efforts would not only benefit Energypac, as well as would increase the living standard worldwide, helping us to “Go Green”.

Energypac is committed to being a well reputed, customer-oriented, leading professional manufacturer. We have strictly maintained international standard in the entire system - from design generation to production process; from quality control to customer service. The modern lamp production facilities were awarded the prestigious ISO 9001: 2008 Certification by Geneva Switzerland based accredited certification body and the prestigious UKAS Certification by United Kingdom based accredited certification body for its state-of-the-art quality system.

The product marketing approvals include Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institute – BSTI, CE, Bureau VERITAS, and UKAS.

The company provides quality products and services backed up by long standing Total Quality Management culture and excellent business operation system. We strive for continuous improvement in whatever we do, be it process, management, operation or customer service. The organization is intend to set and maintain a very high level of product quality and service – a benchmark for the industry – using Total Quality Management approach to provide the best qualities possible in competitive cost and further enhance the reputation of being industry leader.

“…we lead and let others follow….”